Manukau Commercial Lawyer For Advice On Business and Trade Issues

Manukau Commercial Lawyer – Topic Overview

Manukau commerceIf you are a business owner, then you will benefit from a commercial lawyer. It is wise to note that commercial law is different from corporate or business law. Many people do not know the difference and often end up being confused. If you live in the city, you can contact a Manukau commercial lawyer to explain. The law is broad, and it includes different units such as:

  • Liquidation law
  • Receivership law
  • Shareholder Agreements law
  • Business (Corporate) law
  • Commercial (trade) law
  • And more

Therefore, just like the way the law is broad, different lawyers practice law within a specific area. This is why there are lawyers who are good at criminal law than family law. In other words, lawyers tend to practice a specific field of law such as an Manukau commercial lawyer.

What Is Commercial Law?

Commercial law generally involves solving problems that occur in the regular running of a business. They assist heavily with documentation, transactions, paperwork, and much more. Legal advice can be given to any part of the running of the business. This is an area of the law that is often thriving because it has a strong association with the economy; which affects society as a whole.

What Are The Key Roles Of An Manukau Commercial Lawyer?

Manukau Commercial LawyerClients of commercial lawyers are businesses such as banks, government entities, and others. For this reason, a commercial lawyer’s typical day would involve reading contracts, amending contracts, drafting legal papers, reviewing business mergers, and more. This is a job that requires a high level of negotiations on the behalf of the client (business).

Business (Corporate) Law Vs. Commercial Law – What Is The Difference?

A majority of business owners tend to confuse the two. That is because these two areas of the law are similar, and one must work with the other.

  • Corporate Law

Business law is a field of law that oversees the creation of corporations, mergers, shareholder rights, and acquisitions. It is a field of law that governs an establishment and the operations of a corporation. This type of law specifically focuses on companies.  Corporate law is generally close to or relates to contract law.

  • Commercial Law

Commercial law (which is also known as trade law) is a wide practice that contains areas such as franchising, intellectual property, and litigations. In a nutshell, it is a field that deals with the sale and distribution of goods and services.

Commercial law is a legal field of law that applies to the relations, rights, and conduct of persons and business engagements in merchandising, commerce, sales, and trade.


Remember, from a business perspective, all conditions need to be well-defined because, legally, all businesses have certain obligations to fulfill. This is one of the reasons to have an Manukau commercial lawyer working together with you to prevent legal issues that may affect your business negatively.

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